Saturday, December 14, 2013

How does a solar power system work?

We all know that Solar power is one of the latest alternate energy source in the modern times.  You may think that it is very easy to just fix some solar panels on your roof top and link it to the power system but there are lot of technicalities involved in installation of a solar power system for your house.  So you need to make use of a qualified and certified electricians to install solar panels on your roof top.  

A solar power system normally contains mainly two parts which are essential for making sun light energy useable to power your home appliances.  These are a photovoltaic solar Panels and an inverter.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel

The first photo voltaic cell was constructed by Charles Fritts in 1880.  Since then lot of advancements have taken place over the years.  The solar cells contain photovoltaic materials of silicon, telluride and sulphide and these solar cells are combined to make a solar panel.  The solar cells are made of multiple layers which act as semi conductors building up electric field as soon as they are exposed to sun light.  The current which is generated when solar cells are exposed to sun light can be used for powering an electronic circuit.


The electrical current which comes from solar panel is a unidirectional flow of electric charge which is also called as Direct Current ( same as that in batteries ).  But most of the house hold appliances like fans, tube lights operate on alternating current (AC).  So a device called as Inverter is necessary to convert the DC current into AC current.  So an inverter converts the DC current to AC current which the normal house hold appliances use.

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