Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Types of Solar Panel Installations

There are mainly three types of Solar Panel installations.  Here is a list.

Fixed Solar Panel mount:  This is the simplest and least expensive type of solar panel mounting.  The system is completely stationary.  The solar panels should always face the equator ( due south in the northern hemisphere).  The true south varies from magnetic south.  The angle of inclination of the solar panels in degrees should be set to about your latitude value. If it is slightly more than your latitude value, it will favor the winter sun. If the angle of inclination is slightly less than the latitude value, it will favor summer sun.

Adjustable solar panel mount :  You can change the angle of inclination of an adjustable solar panel mount 2 or 3 times in a year to account for lower angle of the sun in winter.   One good thumb rule is  Latitude + 15 degrees in winter and Latitude - 15 degrees in summer. This increases the over all solar panel output by 25%.  It is better to set the winter position in October and Summer position in March.

Tracking Solar Panel Mounts:  The tracking solar panel mounts  follow the path of the sun during the day in order to get maximum sun light.  A single axis tracker tracks the sun from east to west and a two axis tracker tracks the sun daily east to west and also the seasonal
declination movement of the sun.  The tracking solar panel mount is is the most efficient type of solar panel mount but it is the most expensive also. 

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