Sunday, February 15, 2015

Emob 6 in 1 Educational Solar Energy Kit Brain Storming Games

Emob 6 in 1 Educational Solar Energy Kit Brain Storming Games (Blue, White) 

This is a solar educational kit by which you can show and teach children the important benefits of solar energy.  This is a good step for the children to start learning about solar energy.  This is something like fun and easy to inspire the interest in children.  From this kit, you can create six different fun solar toys to play and show how the solar power is used to drive small electric motor.  It is very easy to assemble and no tools are required for the 6 in 1 robot kit.  You can make models like car, robot, wind mill, helicopter and air boat.  This could be a learning and play tool for children as well as parents.

Features of the Emob 6 in 1 educational solar energy kit

  • Suitable for age groups :  8  to 15 years
  • Type of product :  Science and Discovery
  • Character : Windmill, Robot, Helicopter, Plane, Air boat and Wheeler
  • Powered by  : Solar power .   no battery required

How to buy this product

This product is available from FlipKart website for a price of Rs. 327.  The actual price is Rs.990 where as Flipkart is providing a discount of 66% and is available at Rs.327. The procedure to buy this product from Flipkart website is given below.

  • Just visit
  • After visiting the above link,  click on "Buy Now" button
  • Follow the instructions given there after clicking on "Buy Now" and make the payment 
  • Once the product is purchased, it  will be delivered within 3 to 4 days to your postal address by Flipkart.

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