Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cool things about Solar Heating

Most of the people may be familiar with solar photovoltaic panels but many do not know that solar power can be used for heat in their homes.  Active solar heating user the solar power to heat air or liquids which transfers the solar heat directly into the internal space for later use.  There are many types of heating systems like radiant heating, absorption heat pumps, boilers, or forced air heating.  But solar heating systems often supplement these heating systems.  

Solar heating has become very important now a days than ever before.  The natural gas and oil which are burned to heat our homes are limited.  These fuels are more over costly.  But solar power is available free of cost and is available world wide for any one.  If you burn natural gas or oils for use in our house heating systems, they produce air pollution.  Even electric water heaters produce air pollution. So if more people start using solar energy to heat their homes and water, the environment will be more clearer.

Here are some of the cool things about active solar heating.

  • Active solar heating systems are the most cost-effective in cooler climates which have good amount of solar energy.
  • You can either choose liquid or air systems for heating your homes which help you to supplement forced air heating systems.
  • The commercially sold solar heating systems comes with a warranty of 10 to 15 years but they will work even for many more years
  • The solar heating systems reduce the air pollution and green house gases which generally come from the use of fossil fuels for heating and electricity production
  • When a solar water heater replaces an electric water heater, the electricity used for 20 years represents more than 50 tons of carbon di oxide emission.  The carbon di oxide traps heat in upper atmosphere and so contributes to green house effect.  Hence use Solar water heating systems for a clean and green earth.

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