Sunday, August 25, 2013

Delhi Government planning to offer incentives for Solar Energy

Are you generating power from your roof top solar panels?  Delhi Government is planning to provide incentives for generation of solar power.   Delhi has a new solar policy called "production based sibsidy" which means that the Government will pay you for the units of energy you are saving using solar power.  At present there is a "capital subsidy" scheme in Delhi state which provides a fixed amount on installation of solar waters.

This policy  will definitely inspire consumers to invest in solar energy, but some guidelines are to be framed by the Government on net metering system.  If the consumer is generating more than his requirements, then excess power can be returned to the Grid.

As per the scheme, the consumer is paid for the units he generates in excess. The Delhi Govt. also is planning to give small subsidy to producers of solar power.  Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) is yet to fix the tariff and net metering system before getting approval from the cabinet.

The problem with solar water heaters is that even though the capital subsidy was provided to the people, they were not using it.  People are not maintaining the solar water heater systems and stop using them after some time.   So the Government though that if the subsidy is generation based and customers are reimbursed every month, they will maintain it.

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission already prepared the guidelines on net metering which may be released next week.  The guidelines include every detail on net metering, energy accounting and how the transactions can be done. Any State Govt. can use these guidelines straight away.  These guidelines are based on net metering in Germany and USA.

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