Sunday, February 15, 2015

EViO ESP-3000-PM1085-BL EViO 3000 mAh Solar, USB Power Bank 3000 mAh

Do you want to charge your mobile in a remote place where there is no power supply available?   Is it possible to charge the mobile phone at a place where there is no electricity and the mobile battery down?  Yes!  it is now possible with the EviO ESP-1200-1028MS-BL battery bank.   

The EViO ESP-3000-1PM1085-BL  is a  3000 mAh dual solar and USB power bank which is an excellent battery back up for the mobile devices and smart phones.  The mobiles can be charged through direct sun light or USB.  The device uses the latest technology in solar panels to provide efficient charging solution.   The device is very light weight but durable and compact size and designed for outdoor use.  So you can charge your mobile phone at any place even in the forest,  only thing is that there should be sun light.  Here are general specifications of the solar battery bank from EviO.

Specifications :

  • Connectors :  Mini USB, Micro USB, iPhone
  • Brand : EViO
  • Designed for :  MP3/MP4 Players, GPS, Mobile Phones, Suitable to Power up and Charge iPod, PDA, Bluetooth and Other Digital Devices, Digital Cameras, PSP
  • Model Number : ESP-3000-1PM1085-BL
  • Battery capacity : 3000 mAh
  • Battery type : Li-Polymer battery
  • Power source : USB  or Solar
  • Color : Black

How to buy this product

The product is available with 1 year warranty from Flipkart website.  The package contains Blackberry connector, Nokia small PIn, iPhone PIn, Mini USB, 1 piece of charging and discharging cable, Samsung Pin, 1 piece of manual and warranty card.  The product is available for a price of Rs. 1,599 from Flipkart website. The actual price is Rs.2,499 but the website is offering a discount of 36%.   Here is the procedure to buy the product from Flikpkart website.

  • Visit website first.
  • After visiting the above link,  click on "Buy Now" button
  • Follow the instructions given there after clicking on "Buy Now" and make the payment
  • Once the product is purchased, it  will be delivered within 5 to 6 days to your postal address by Flipkart.

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